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TASCAM PortastudioThe TASCAM Portastudio was the world's first four-track recorder patterned after a standard compact audio cassette tape. When Portastudio 144 made its debut in 1979, it was a radical and creative recording gizmo. It basically enabled musicians to affordably record several instrumental and vocal parts on different tracks of the built-in four track recorder and afterward blends all the parts together while recording them to another standard two-channel stereo tape deck (remix and mixdown) to form another new stereo soundtrack.

Typically, the TASCAM Portastudio is used by musicians to record song demos, although they are also often used in Lo-fi recording. The analog Portastudios by TASCAM and similar units by other companies like Fostex, Akai, Yamaha, Sansui, Marantz, and others generally recorded on high bias cassette tapes. Most of these machines were 4-track but there were also a couple of 6 track and a few 8 track units. Some latest digital models record to a hard disk, permitting digital effects and up to 24 tracks of audio add-on.

TASCAM Portastudio There Is A Model To Suit All Needs

One popular model was the TASCAM Portastudio 424 (has three versions), which offered a great deal of flexibility while still remaining low-cost to use. Prior to the advent of digital recording many musicians and bands used the 424 because it was an undemanding and affordable way to record demos or even commercial records. This integrated cassette multitrack recorder/mixer was built upon the success of the original by the addition of significant upgrades that made the recorder more accomplished and intuitive to operate. With balanced XLR mic inputs, 3-band EQ with mid sweep, an upgraded AUX system and automated Punch In/Out, the TASCAM Portastudio 424 packs a lot of punch into the entry-level cassette multitrack format.

In recent years, digital technology has even made the TASCAM Portastudio into a more revolutionary device for recording. One example of that would be the TASCAM DP-02, which is the 8-track digital recorder that utilizes simple knobs and faders. It has keen controls for level, pan, ‘effects send’ and EQ instead of the menu-cursor interface found on a good number of other digital recorders. Another model, the TASCAM DP-004 Digital Pocketstudio is updated with four tracks of CD-quality digital recording. Like the previous groundbreaking Portastudios, a row of knobs set levels and pan instead of a list of menus. Also available from TASCAM is the DP-008, an 8-track version which adds reverb, a display backlight, XLR mic inputs and more. Another is the TASCAM 2488 Digital Portastudio, the latest and most complete incarnation of its portable-studio concept. The TASCAM 2488 has a layout that is alike with most portable digital studios--with faders on the left-hand side, transport controls and other multi-function buttons on the right-hand side, and a monochrome interface display that is angled for easier viewing in the middle of the unit.

A favorite recording tool for amateur and professional musicians for more or less thirty years now because of its ease of use and top-quality results, the TASCAM Portastudio surely ensures quick recording of performances. Despite the fact that the cassette tapes lose its edge against digital recordings and the Portastudio has adapted the digital technology in its new models, the Portastudio has still sustained its simple interface in its modern form. This is where the secret of Portastudio’s popularity lies--in the simplicity of its limited control buttons and its singular display screen. This design guarantees musicians and home recordists that they will promptly save their music creations and even record a completed song or sound demo like a pro using a TASCAM Portastudio.

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