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TASCAM Portastudio

The TASCAM Portastudio – Simplicity of Design – Recording Made Easy The TASCAM Portastudio was the world’s first four-track recorder patterned after a standard compact audio cassette tape. When Portastudio 144 made its debut in 1979, it was a radical and creative recording gizmo. It basically enabled musicians to affordably record several instrumental and vocal parts on different tracks of the built-in four track recorder … Continue reading


TASCAM Guitar Trainer

The TASCAM Guitar Trainer – Defining a New Way to Play the Guitar The TASCAM Guitar trainer is one of the most technologically advanced instrumental aids available. From the early 1970s until the 1990s, TASCAM has been involved in the research and development of home recording studios. Starting out with multi-track music recorders, they eventually developed music trainers designed for … Continue reading