TASCAM Guitar Trainer

The TASCAM Guitar Trainer - Defining a New Way to Play the Guitar

TASCAM Guitar TrainerThe TASCAM Guitar trainer is one of the most technologically advanced instrumental aids available. From the early 1970s until the 1990s, TASCAM has been involved in the research and development of home recording studios. Starting out with multi-track music recorders, they eventually developed music trainers designed for bandleaders, worship teams, guitar, bass, wind, and string players as well as vocalists. One standout product they have is the guitar trainer, which is a new concept in guitar combos and of which TASCAM has produced several models. There is the GT1, the GT1 1MKII, and the GT2. The GT1 is a portable CD player and the GT1mkII is an MP3 player.

The TASCAM guitar trainer is a combo that defines a whole new way to play guitar. It is an amplifier, effects board and CD/mp3 player rolled in one. TASCAM guitar trainers have the feature ability to slow down the tempo of a song up to fifty percent without altering the pitch. The primary advantage of this feature is you will have the ability to take a fast guitar phrase and slow it down to a more reasonable speed so you can learn the notes, practice different fingerings and build your speed. Basically, it lets anyone with a respectable working knowledge of playing the guitar to become skilled at solos, riffs, chords, chord progressions, and rhythms in careful, easy steps.

TASCAM Guitar Trainer - Not Your Average Guitar Trainer

The TASCAM Guitar trainer and CD guitar trainers, namely the GT1 and the GT2 basically have the same features. The fire-engine red CD-GT1 is a portable CD player musicians have been dreaming of. It also has a looping function, which makes it the ultimate stand-alone transcribing tool. The unit runs on four AA batteries or an optional power adapter and has quarter-inch inputs for guitars or microphones, built-in effects (reverb, chorus, distortion, etc.), and a tuner, which are likely to be of greater interest to electric guitar players.  In addition, TASCAM’s design and controls are more heavy-duty than those typically found on consumer CD players, making the CD-GT1 a must-have for the teaching studio and the individual artist who is always on the go so having a TASCAM Guitar trainer when you need it is no problem.

As mentioned, the TASCAM CD-GT2 has exactly the same functionality as the CD-GT1 but is in a more compact design, and with a larger set of sounds. This latest issue of the TASCAM Guitar trainer features the whole of the top surface lifts on a hinge to allow access to the CD chamber so the whole top panel is used for the controls giving a more spacious layout that feels less cluttered and easier to use. Apart from the cleaner, more straightforward design, there is not a lot about the TASCAM Guitar trainer CD-GT2 that is vastly different from its predecessors.

A TASCAM guitar trainer is extremely easy-to-use and an incredibly helpful tool. They are portable gadgets that can be carried around, so it affords you to practice wherever and whenever, as long as there is a power supply. Although most of the guitar trainers’ functions are also available in computer recording software packages, the fact that you can simply put on a CD and a set of headphones (the unit has no built-in speakers) and be able to work on difficult tunes is what makes the TASCAM Guitar trainer so remarkable. So depending on which medium you want to use--CD or MP3, there is a Tascam Guitar Trainer that’s right for you.

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