Roland Keyboards – Roland Fantom X Factor Keyboard

Roland Keyboards have always been known for their superior quality and now the Roland Fantom has really secured its place among the best of the best in music keyboards.Roland Keyboards

The Roland brand is backed by years of technological advances with the end products being feature packed quality musical instruments.

The Roland Fantom is a music workstation/synthesizer that has proved to be a favorite for some of the top musicians in the world.

For a number of years now the Roland company has released several versions of the Fantom keyboard synthesizer, with the next version more improved than the other, but nevertheless all versions of the Fantom are powerful workstations that have satisfied and continue to satisfy musicians and artists the world over.[affmage source="chitika" results="0"][/affmage]

Roland Keyboards - Roland Fantom X Factor

The popularity of Roland keyboards took a sharp increase with the introduction of the Roland Fantom FA-76.

The Fantom FA-76 has a 320 x 240 pixel graphic display on the front panel, an on-board d-beam controller which allowed one to control the synth with hand movements, and contained a pattern and phrase based sequencer which allows for the looping of drum patterns, bass lines and arpeggios, but had no sampling in its debut version.

Next on the line was the Roland Fantom S keyboard workstation which marked the true arrival of the Fantom as a complete workstation.

Roland Keyboards - The Rise of the Roland Fantom

The "S" in the Fantom S stood for the “sampling version” as real sampling was added and integrated nicely with the sequencer via 16 rubberized drum pads.

In 2004 an upgraded version of the Roland Fantom S series was introduced, the Fantom-X, which served to compete with the Korg Triton Keyboard and the Korg Triton Extreme as well as the Yamaha Motif ES.

The Fantom-G was introduced in 2008 in order to compete with the new Korg and Yamaha flagship keyboards and musicians from around the globe took notice of the advanced Roland Keyboards. So, what is it in the Roland Fantom that makes musicians and songwriters purchase one?

One of the most popular Roland Keyboards in the market today is the Roland Fantom-X series. Although a much improved Fantom-G arrived in the market of late, the X version still is a force to reckon with.

The Fantom-X is a very capable music keyboard workstation, and although quite heavy, it possesses a certain basic physical charm. Here are some of the features that make Fantom-X powerful and popular:

  • 88 weighted keys for a full piano music keyboard feel
  • 128 MB of top notch realistic sounds (including pianos, strings, guitars)
  • Synthesis and sampling that allows creation and crafting of sounds
  • Advanced sequencer recording that records, edits, and mixes tracks together
  • Rhythm accompaniment and arpeggiator that gives the effect of a full band arrangement
  • Expandable wave memory that allows recording and creating a whole song with eight tracks and vocals or recorded material
  • Skip back sampling which provides instant replays
  • Colored LCD screen (the first music keyboard to have it!) which makes editing and accessing features easy and clear
  • Durability due to its solid construction

The Roland Fantom-X series keyboard and controller is a great-sounding, solid piece of kit, firmly based on a successful line of instruments and among the best in a long line of Roland Keyboards. It is a powerful tool for live instrumentation and audio production.

Regardless of all the superlatives attached to the Roland Fantom-X and all other Fantom synthesizer music keyboards, the truth of the matter is this: The Roland Fantom synthesizer keyboard is truly one of Roland's reliable products ever.

It's an ideal choice for songwriters and musicians who require a versatile, interactive music keyboard that's effortless to work with and pleasurable to use.

Its stunning sound quality and the numerous built-in tools make it an enjoyable and reliable instrument.

It allows the creativity process to simply flow naturally, and along with it the achievement of great sounds. Now, that’s the X factor for the Roland Fantom just one in a long line of professional Roland Keyboards.[affmage source="chitika" results="0"][/affmage]

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