Korg Triton Keyboard

The Korg Triton Keyboard A Powerful Workstation! The Korg Triton Keyboard is not your average music keyboard. When it comes to producing great techno and dance music tracks, the Korg analog-synths are considered one of the best. In fact, their flagship keyboard, the Triton Extreme synthesizer, is widely used the world over. Korg Triton Keyboard

Let’s have a look at some of the technology that makes the Korg Triton keyboard the most sought after music workstation.

The Korg Triton is a powerful music workstation synthesizer that features digital sampling and sequencing. It has different modes such as the Combination Mode, the Program Mode, and the Sequencer; the “S” Play Mode, the Sampling Mode, and the Global Mode. Its other buttons which allow you to save, load, undo and select functions are Disk, Compare, and Menu.

The Versatility of The Korg Triton Keyboard

The features of the Korg Triton Keyboard enables you to sequence, to sample, to combine sounds, to make your own sounds, and even to add effects to sounds. You can use these features in combining other sounds from other pieces, as well.

This combination mode on the Korg Triton is really a function that lets you mix different programs (programs here refer to sounds) to make new sounds. So in effect, this function allows you to combine up to eight sounds to create your own original sound.

Basically, the Korg Triton is also capable of making tracks. In fact, it is all you need in order to make tracks! It has a lot of different capabilities as well as far as burning, bouncing down WAV files and editing WAVs are concerned.

In addition, the Korg Triton is also capable of time-slicing, and more significantly it could be easily hooked up to an MPC-4000 or a Motif with MIDI and could actually control other pieces of equipment as well.

They also boast of stunning loops, arpeggiator, and effects. The Korg Triton keyboard is available in a number of models and in a different range of upgrade configurations. And all these Triton models are using the Korg's HI Synthesis tone generator.

The Korg Triton is very popular among many musicians for setting a standard for electronic keyboard technology. As a matter of fact, it is commonly featured in music videos and live concerts. Notable artists who use the Korg Triton are Timbaland, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga.

To sum it all, Korg synthesizers and workstation have always been a hit with a musician because it has an excellent sound engine, features an incredibly vast sound palette, and the best of all it is extremely user-friendly. If you are truly looking for an extremely versatile music workstation the Korg Triton keyboard is all you need.

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