Fostex Recorder – Digital Multi-tracking At its Best

Fostex Recorder: Maximum Flexibility and Ease of Use

Fostex RecorderFostex Recorder is a step ahead in time with their advanced multi-track recording equipment. Fostex, along with TASCAM, initiated low-cost multitrack recording equipment, but Fostex was the first to manufacture an eight-track reel-to-reel multitrack recorder that used inexpensive 4-inch tape.

For a number of years now, Fostex has introduced various lines of products that cater for the home, the semi-pro and the professional recording studio market including an extensive line of cassette-based multitracks, competing with other giants like TASCAM and Yamaha.

Despite expanding to manufacture other products like loudspeaker drivers, studio monitors, microphones, and headsets, it cannot be denied that the digital multitrack recording equipment is what makes Fostex widely known for. So just what is that makes the Fostex recorder so popular?

The most popular of the Fostex recorders would be its MR Series which consists of the MR-8 Track Digital Fostex Recorder with Built-In FX, the MR-8 MKII, and the MR-16.

The two MR-8s for starters are nice compact machine ideal for learning home recordings or doing live stuff. Both are good for studio rehearsals to store songs in memory for future recordings.

One downside for the MR-8 MKII is it has limited inputs on how many tracks you can record, but it makes up with a good clear sound depending on the integrity of the instrument and equipment you use it with.

It is said that if you can operate a tape recorder, you'll be recording and multitracking within minutes of opening the box of your new Fostex recorder.

Placing the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of burying them in a confusing menu system, the MR-8 MK II, unlike some other recorder, actually aids you in capturing your musical ideas.

Moreover, there are great sounding built-in digital effects, guitar amp and mic simulators, handy mix-down effects, as well as the ability to hook up to a PC for data editing, and backing up of songs.

Many claim that the Fostex Recorder is the easiest digital multitrack to use ever. On one hand, the MR16, Fostex’ latest 16-track (eight-mono, four-stereo) multitracker, incorporates the latest features of the MR series and to date it’s the best in capturing audio.

It’s mainly for singer-songwriters and DIY musicians who use a combination of external sound modules, sequencers, and live instruments.

Fostex Recorder - A Giant Leap In Technology

The Fostex FR-2 on the other hand is specifically designed for location sound recording, broadcast and sound effects acquisition, television and radio documentary and in any application where high quality audio recording is required.

The Fostex recorder FR-2 LE is its recent upgraded version, where it features a Type II Compact Flash™ card where the recording is stored.

There is also the new Fostex CR500 that professionally masters stereo recordings to CD-R/RW, and offers the world’s first direct Broadcast WAV recording to a UDF formatted disc at up to 24 bit/96kHz resolution.

In addition, as a “pro” mastering machine you get balanced XLR connections, easy track naming via a USB keyboard, and LED meters. This particular Fostex recorder has instant play, fader start, 10 memory points/program play memories per disc and more.

Another product, the Fostex recorder D2424LVmk2 is ideal for live sound recording or studio use. It has 24 balanced TRS jacks for all analog I/Os, 6 recording formats, 24 bit resolution and 96 kHz frequency which ensures for an awesome audio quality.

Other features include a CF card slot on the second bay for handy backup, and the clear and concise interface assists in intuitive access to the facilities of the equipment. Meanwhile, the PD606 DVD/HD Location Fostex Recorder can record up to 80 GB HD in 12cm DVDs.

This Fostex recorder is capable of digital mixing and 8-track recording, as well as high speed data transfer to a PC or MAC, and it does automatic file closing in the background every 60 seconds so it ensures fast data recovery in the event of a power outage.

The UR-2 is a Stereo Rack Memory Fostex Recorder that uses an SD card and USB storage device that is flexibly adapting to the wide variety of playback requirements. Eventually, the EP-CT1 has been developed as a dedicated instant start controller in order to extend the functionality of UR-2.

Most of Fostex’s array of recording equipment is flexible and is up for location recording, because as affirmed by Hiroaki Kawahata, the Team Leader for the company’s International Sales & Marketing: “Fostex wanted to offer maximum flexibility to the user”.

The list of available Fostex recorders in the market today that are discussed above, namely: FOSTEX FR-2, FOSTEX FR-2LE, Fostex MR8 8-Track Digital Recorder with Built-In FX, Fostex MR8-mkii, CR500-(CD-R/RW), D2424LVmk2, PD606 DVD-HD Location Recorder, UR-2 Stereo Rack Recorder, EP-CTI Instant Start Controller for UR-2, and the Fostex Recorder MR16HD/CD Digital Multitracker show the flexibility that Fostex want to be known for in their products.

All being perfect for location recording, they are built to capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are making the Fostex recorder the brand of choice for many musicians.

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