Fostex MR8 Multi-Track Digital Recorder

The Fostex MR8 Multi-Track Digital Recorder Reliable, Affordable, Easy to Use! The Fostex MR8 is one of the best digital multi-track recorders on the market right now that that delivers incredible results with an affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a multi-track recorder that is reliable and is easy on the budget, the Fostex MR8 is the one for you. The MR8 Track Digital Recorder is a very flexible recorder.

In fact, it is one of the easiest digital multi-tracks to use. It is almost like you are simply operating a common tape recorder.

Fostex MR8The Fostex MR8 records onto a Smart Card Reader, allowing for an easy transfer of tracks and songs to a computer and vice versa. By the looks of it, you can see that it’s not a complicated contraption. It has a pair of onboard effect options and mastering effects.

The simple menu screen is simple to work from and the back-light makes it easy to see. It also provides you with eight tracks to work from and the first four of these allows you to insert effects from the MR8 itself.

It lets you bounce the first to fourth track onto the fifth and sixth track and then lets you bounce the first to sixth track onto the seventh and eighth track. When you have already mastered these two tracks into a WAV file, then you can begin to load your completed song onto your computer.

Fostex MR8 - Functionality and Features

The Fostex MR8 model's most significant feature is its ability to transport tracks and songs back and forth from the computer. The Smart Card has only a little amount of memory so it’s easier to process. Compared with a USB, the Smart Card is more reliable in transferring music data onto a computer.

Some problems with USB transfers include the corruption of files, therefore, rendering the files unusable. This usually occurs in about one in every twenty transfers. With a Smart Card reader, however, that kind of problem almost never occurs.

The Fostex Company itself has more than 30 years of reputation in producing quality transducers, speakers, and multi-track recording equipment that are easy on the budget. Since the company began in 1972, it started competing with TASCAM and Yamaha with a complete line of products for the home and semi-pro recording studio market, and this included a wide array of cassette-based multi-tracks.

Currently, Fostex products include loudspeaker drivers, studio monitors, microphones, headphones, and the revolutionary digital multi-track recording equipment—the Fostex MR8.

Being low cost for a digital recorder that uses a card-based memory system and easy-to-use menu screen, the Fostex MR8 gives you great value for your money.

It is the ultimate “record-anywhere” multi-track, with its eight tracks of record and playback that uses compact flash cards, built-in effects, and can record two tracks simultaneously.

It may be one of the cheapest digital recorders there is in the market today but it is unbelievably efficient so you won’t feel shortchanged. Recording multiple tracks has never been easier with the Fostex MR8 multi-track digital recorder.

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