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TASCAM Portastudio

The TASCAM Portastudio – Simplicity of Design – Recording Made Easy The TASCAM Portastudio was the world’s first four-track recorder patterned after a standard compact audio cassette tape. When Portastudio 144 made its debut in 1979, it was a radical and creative recording gizmo. It basically enabled musicians to affordably record several instrumental and vocal parts on different tracks of the built-in four track recorder … Continue reading


Fostex Recorder – Digital Multi-tracking At its Best

Fostex Recorder: Maximum Flexibility and Ease of Use Fostex Recorder is a step ahead in time with their advanced multi-track recording equipment. Fostex, along with TASCAM, initiated low-cost multitrack recording equipment, but Fostex was the first to manufacture an eight-track reel-to-reel multitrack recorder that used inexpensive 4-inch tape. For a number of years now, Fostex has introduced various lines of … Continue reading