Music Keyboards, Keyboard Synthesizers, Guitar Trainers and Multi-track Recorders:

Music Keyboards And Keyboard Synthesizers Have Revolutionized The Music Industry. When we think of music keyboards, workstations or synthesizers, guitar trainers and multi-track recording what immediately comes to mind are top brands like Yamaha, Korg, Roland, TASCAM, and Fostex.

Well why not? They are the best there is in the market today.

Music KeyboardsYamaha, Roland and Korg are leading names in music keyboard instruments that includes digital pianos and synthesizers. While in the field of multi-tracking recording and sound amplification, we have the pioneer names like TASCAM and Fostex.

Yamaha’s celebrated acoustic piano quality has transcended and has been creatively applied to transform the music world with the Yamaha digital piano and synthesizers.

Accepted throughout the industry, Yamaha keyboards and synthesizers are widely used by many musicians, whether professional or beginners, from all around the world for more than forty years now.

In fact it contributed greatly to an enjoyable musical experience for every accomplished musician. Bands like U2 and Genesis for example used a range of models and versions of Yamaha music keyboards through the years.

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Meanwhile, Roland have really achieved much success in its 30 years of developing, manufacturing and sales of electronic musical instruments including electronic keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and audio processing devices.

Its Fantom-X series music keyboards are extensively admired when it comes to urban, dance and techno music production.

Korg, on the other hand, is relatively a younger company than Yamaha and Roland, but nevertheless it provides the ultimate sonic arsenal with its complete line of keyboard Instruments, sound modules, music keyboards and music workstations, which includes pianos and synthesizers for every application.

Korg keyboard instruments hold a cutting-edge technology and sophisticated ease of use to create dynamic and inspiring sound, which is ideal for both professional musicians and beginners.

As a leader in music keyboards, music workstations and synthesizers, Korg has totally transformed and revolutionized the world of interactive keyboard instruments, as we know it.

Its popular and flagship keyboard, the Triton, has a wide range of rhythm styles that can accompany players of all levels.

In multi-track recording, Fostex for one has a complete line of products for semi-pro and home recording studio market and it also includes an extensive line of cassette-based multi-tracks.

Its Fostex Mr8 Track Digital Recorder is to date one of the easiest digital multitracks to use. It is like operating a handy tape recorder—no sweat! Currently, Fostex products include digital multitrack music keyboards and recording equipment, loudspeaker drivers, studio monitors, microphones, and headphones.

The invention of the Portastudio, which is the first cassette-based multi-track home studio recorder meanwhile, is attributed to TASCAM.

This company is also the first ever to introduce and mass produced low-cost multi-track recorders with Simul-Sync designed for recording musicians.

Moreover, it nurtured and developed home recording (garage recording if you like) from the early 1970's through the mid 1990's by manufacturing reel-to-reel tape machines and audio mixers that are user-friendly.

Besides providing multi-track recording products, TASCAM also developed a guitar trainer which is basically an amplifier, effects music keyboards and CD/mp3 player combined. This guitar trainer can advance your guitar playing by great bounds.

Music Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitar Trainers, Multi-Track Recorders Have Changed The Face of The Music Industry!

With the advancement in musical instrument technology, the quality of sounds and the types of sounds accomplished by music keyboards, synthesizers and guitars trainers are limitless.

Musicians and sound engineers have developed and continue to discover their musicality by experimenting with these revolutionary instruments and equipment.

One can also easily accomplish a variety of sounds from various instruments in an electric keyboard, or an electric guitar for that matter.

The music keyboard has proven that a one-man band (well, make that a one-man orchestra) is indeed possible. Yamaha, Korg, Roland, TASCAM, and Fostex—they are more than just brand names.

They can revolutionize your music with the technology that is packed in the smallest of music keyboards.